Meet our 2019 -2020

CCD Teachers

Sandra Mendoza - Grade Pre K

Pre-Kingarden Catechist

My name is Sandra Mendoza, I am a hard and dedicated worker, a loving mother, a joyful grandmother and an active member in my community and in my church. I was born and raised here on Oahu. I grew up in Kailua with two wonderful parents and nine siblings. While growing up, in Kailua I attended Kailua elementary, Kailua intermediate, and graduated from Kailua High School. During my childhood, my spiritual growth stemmed from attending Saint Anthony's Church. There, is where I was baptized and received my First Holy Communion. In 2005, the father of my children, my son, daughter and myself moved to Ewa Beach. My parish then became Immaculate Conception. This is where I received my Sacrament of Confirmation. From there my Christian journey lead me to being a Sacred Heart Society member, a Secular Franciscan order and a Pre-K CCD teacher. At this time in my life, I am most passionate about leading children to the Lord as a CCD teacher in the years to come. Thank you fro entrusting me with your children. May the Lord bless you and your loved ones always. This comes with love, joy and peace to all.

Miriam "Mimi" Mangrobang - Grade K

Kindergarten Catechist

My name is Miriam "Mimi" Mangrobang and I'm a "transplant" from the East coast, having grown up in Maryland and moved to Hawaii 38 years ago with my family. for the last 25 years, I've lived in Ewa and been a member of this parish. I'm married and have two grown children. I work full-time in financial service at a hospital and devote my weekends to doing volunteer work and being active in two religious groups - the Secular Franciscan Order and the Sacred Heart Society. I've previously volunteered in hospitals and currently do so in a nursing home and been happy to give my time, but as I've grown in my faith here at ICC, the desire to serve the Lord in church ministries has been very important to me and become so rewarding. Starting out as a catechist 25 years ago, I'm still teaching at the Kindergarten level and enjoy planning the lessons that show God's love to the children and how they should share that love with others. working with Theresa has been a blessing to me, as we share in the teaching and contribute our own insights into each lesson. Not only have our students learn from us, but we've learned from them as well. The rewards have been immeasurable from serving in this ministry and also from previously serving as an acolyte for many years and currently as a lector. All of these have spiritually enriched me and I will continue to serve as long as the Lord permits. I tell people "I do it for the Lord."

Norma Valdez - Grade 1

Grade 1 Catechist

My name is Norma Ambrocio Valdez, I came to Hawaii in 1972 and grew up in Ewa. I am the middle child of 7 siblings. I work as a construction  financial manager. I enjoy family and friends time, gardening (especially orchids). Hiking, jogging, visiting botanical gardens and national parks. My dad was a plantation worker. I inherited his 'mean' Filipino cooking skills. I am a product of Ewa Elementary, Ilima Intermediate and Campbell High Schools. I attended UH-Manoa. Growing up in Ewa, and given that my mom was a dedicated member, Immaculate was a big part of plantation life. In addition, there was no escaping because you pass it when you walk to school and you pass it again when you walk home. I remember Fr. Caraballo standing in front of church at the top of the steps waving for all the kids to come in. I received all my sacraments including marriage. Then, for some time, coming to church became only occasional, but the desire to have God in my children's lives brought us back. My husband and I have 3 daughters. 14 years ago, I enrolled our youngest in preschool CCD and she cried without me being there so I stayed and helped. I then signed up to teach her 1st grade class and I have been teaching 1st grade ever since. My daughter ended up being my teacher's aide until starting college in Oregon last year. The best part about teaching 1st grade is that I get to watch the children grow spiritually and physically. 

Charlene Richardson - Grade 2

Grade 2 Catechist

HI, I'm Charlene Richardson, a "Daughter of Ewa". I was born in in the Ewa Plantation Hospital, attended Ewa Elementary School and finished High School at Campbell in Ewa Beach. I went on to finish my education at Ottumwa Heights College in Iowa with the Sisters of the Humility of Mary/Jesuits teaching and, Chaminade University of Honolulu with Marianist instructors. All of us, 15 Apostadiro children, were baptized, received 1st Communion and confirmed here at the Immaculate Conception Church (ICC). Although we had separate journeys, the commonplace for our family was the was first and foremost in our lives so, naturally we participated in almost all of the activities it offered, i.e., summer fun programs; solidarity; processions/feast days in honor of patron saints and, religious education classes. Our parents instilled in us that "Everything you are and everything you have, comes from God". Therefore, serving in the various capacities as a member of the Pastoral Council, Liturgy Committee, Finance Committee, Lector Ministry, CCD, Building Committee, etc. has been so satisfying. And, being a Catechist for many years now is extremely rewarding because you work with and teach children how the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit graces them with love. It is wonderful to teach them the two basic rules, to Love God and to Love his people.

Rosie Tabaranza - Grade 2 Aide

Grade 2, Teachers Aide

Greetings everyone! Like many of you, I too am a lifetime member here at ICC, having received all my sacraments here; Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony and Anointing of the Sick. My husband, Allan, and I have been married for 42 years blessed with 3 daughters and one son. We are proud grandchildren (12) and great-grandchild (1). I was inspired early on in life by the nuns that came every summer to teach at the church for Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) so some how I know that I, too, would be "hands and feet for our Lord." As a teen, we had various organizations like solidarity, PAX choir and CYO Volleyball, to keep us on campus and focused. Responding and growing in a closer relationship with our Lord had me becoming a Confirmation teacher under the guidance of St. Rose Anthony Tadios, Finance Committee, as a Lector, CCD Office aide and now, 2nd grade Communion teacher. Our motto this year, "Don't forget to be awesome for Jesus!

Regina Rivera - Grade 3

Grade 3 Catechist

I've been a lifetime member of I.C.C. having received all of my sacraments here in Ewa (Baptism, Communion, Confirmation and Matrimony). I've been a nurse for all of my adult life (since 19 years old), married to my high school sweetheart (Garrett) for 25 years. We have two children: our son, Bronson 22 years old and our daughter, Courtney (altar server) 14 years old. Garrett and I serve the church through various ministries (music, lector, and as a Catechist). I've been a catechist for 22 years and counting!

Madie Agcamaran - Grade 4

Grade 4 Cathechist

I grew up in Vigan City, Ilocfos Sur Philippines and attended public schools where Religious Education was part of the curriculum. We were taught by catechists, priests, nuns or seminarians from the Immaculate Conception School of Theology.  My religious learning continued to college where I took 1 year of Theology classes but my faith was greatly influenced by my late Grandma. I would go with her to Sunday masses, prayers and novenas. At a very young age, I became a member of the Junior praesidium of the Legion of Mary and at 17, I was a Secretary to one of the adult praedidia at the St Paul's Cathedral in Vigan, and also at our college's Legion of Mary.

My 2 sons, MJ and Aaron, who are now both active in their own ministries here at Immaculate Conception Church started CCD at St Joseph's church in Waipahu. I would stay in the classroom to watch them, with the permission from their teachers. It wasn't until Aaron was in 4th grade at the ICC where we transferred that I began as a T/A. During that same year, the teacher moved to California so I took over her position. My husband, Archie became an assistant not only to me, but to all morning class teachers. That was the beginning of our journey in serving our Lord.

It was my desire when I was young to enter the convent but as Jesus said, "Many are called but few are chosen". I may not have been one of the few chosen but God has shown me a different path to serve Him. He blessed me by helping our children with their faith formation. As second to the oldest of 8 children, I am very protective and caring. In my classroom I treat each student as my own child and it is my responsibility not only to teach them but to protect and take care of them.

Archie Agcamaran - Grade 4 Aide

Grade 4 Teachers Aide

My name is Archie Agcamaran. Many years ago when my wife Mady became a 4th grade CCD teacher, she asked me if I wanted to be her Teachers Assistant. This is only because I had to wait for her to go to the 9:30 a.m. mass. I didn't have any choice but to accept it. Little did I know that this is God's way of calling me to serve Him. Since then I got deeply involved with CCD by becoming an assistant, not only to Mady, but to all morning class teachers. I also prepare the Parish Hall for the classes and for the Children's Liturgy. when I saw that the 9:30 a.m. was in need of help for Ushers, I offered my help and this, also became a part of my fulltime Sunday responsibilities.  Not long after becoming an Usher, Aunty Sherrie Alcos asked me to assist her in training the children to become Altar Servers, I gladly accepted it. Having been an altar server myself from elementary to high school at the St Paul's Cathedral, our church in Vigan city, Ilocos Sure, Philippines where I grew up, I thought that there shouldn't be any problem. Since then, I had been assisting in the training and I make sure that every mass has altar serves. Maybe God started whispering into my ears the first time when I went to the Immaculate Conception Minor Seminary, also in Vegan City. But as a young kid, I didn't listen then. This time, I feel blessed that I am able to serve Him through our church. I am more thankful to God that our two sons are following the right path. MJ, our older son is an active member of the Singles for Christ and recently, he's been trained as Eucharistic Minister. Aaron, our younger son is a long time Altar Server and also one of the leaders for the Youth for Christ. 

Julia Salvido - Grade 5

Grade 5 Catechist

Terencio Salvido - Grade 5 Aide

Grade 5 Teachers Aide

Norman Roberts - Grade 6

Grade 6 Catechist, Subsitute Teacher All Grades

Jazelle Prada Trubiani - Sacrament I

Sacraments I Catechist

Justin Trubiani - Sacrament I

Sacraments I Catechist

Clarissa Duclayan - Sacrament II

Sacraments II Catechist

My name is Clarissa Duclayan and I'm a teacher for Communion 2 (1). I am originally from Kalihi and moved to Ewa in 1993 with my family where we've attended mass regularly at Immaculate Conception. My husband Larry and I have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. Later later joined the choir in 1995 and has been involved in the music ministry since. We both wanted to get our children involved so we registered them for the CCD program where they both received their Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. I also attended the RCIA program where I received my Sacrament of Confirmation. It wasn't until my daughter was in her last year of her Confirmation class, that I felt a calling to get more involved with my faith. I asked Shirley Sunio, if she could use some help with her Confirmation II class, to which she accepted and I became her aide for 3 years. There was then a shortage of teachers following those three years, at which time, I started teaching Confirmation I for the next 2 years. The CCD program was in need for a teacher to take on the Communion 1/2 class which I volunteered for and have been teaching for the last 8 years. My journey has been a spiritual and faith-filled journey, as I got involved with the children's progress and to witness them receive their Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, has truly been a blessing for me. 

Anja Duclayan - Sacrament II Aide

Sacraments II, Teachers Aide

My name is Anja Duclayan and I am an Aide for the Confirmation 2 (1) class. I have been attending Immaculate Conception with my family when we moved Ewa Beach from Kalihi in 1993. I attended the CCD program from Kindergarten and received my Sacrament of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Sacrament of Confirmation at Immaculate Conception. I was active in the Youth Program under the direction of our current DRE Shirley Sunio assisting in the church cleaning, helping out on various activities and fund raising for the Youth Ministry. I became involved with the CCD program teaching Pre-K for 2 years. I stopped teaching when I had my first child and only returned when my children started to attend CCD. I asked if I could be an Aide for my mom's class and I am in my second year as her Aide. It has been a rewarding experience for me working with the children.

Sherrie Alcos - Special Needs

Special Needs Catechist

"Jesus, our Brother and the Holy Spirit, our friend and comforter."

Aloha, my name is Sherrie Kauinani Alcos. I am the Communion I and Special Needs Catechist for our parish. I've been teaching CCD since 1983. I am also the co-coordinator of the Altar Servers.

Communion I is introduced to children with no idea of their Catholic Faith. This class is a 2-year process. I also teach special needs for 'Special Angels'. We at Immaculate Conception, can be proud to say, "We are available and leave no child behind."

My spouse Richard, has always been a part of our spiritual growth. Recently, we adopted 3 children: Justice, Liberty Lokelani and Heavenly Blossom. This was God's plan, for you see, it was not ours. Sometimes God's plan goes beyond CCD.

To know Him, love Him and serve Him. Amen.

Philip Malasig - High School

High School Catechist

Lowena Nagamine - RCIA/Infant Baptism

Baptism and RCIA Coordinator

My name is Lowena (Behic) Nagamine and I am a third-generation descendant of what was the Ewa Sugar Plantation. My grandparents were of the 'early church' here at Immaculate Conception and the tradition of the Catholic Church continues in my family today. My husband Bob and I were married at ICC in 1972 and have two sons who were also baptized, married and are raising our six grandchildren in our parish. My involvement in Parish ministry began in the late 70's where I continue to be active in sacramental preparation in the RCIA and Baptism ministries. God's grace is amazing when you serve Him through the spiritual needs of others. In his letter to the Romans, St. Paul encourages us in the use of our time, talent and treasure in the service of our Lord Jesus and his people. Therefore, I want to personally invite YOU to join us in the sacramental ministries. Please contact me through the Rectory and I will make time to visit with you any day, any time! God is good. . .

Wanda Bega - RCIA/Infant Baptism

RCIA/Infant Baptism

Hi my name is Wanda Bega. I was baptized at Immaculate Conception, Ewa sixty-one years ago on December 8, 1956. I have been married for 44 years to my husband, Kenneth. I have two sons, one daughter, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandson. I lived in Ewa for 44 years. Prior to living in Ewa, I lived in Ewa Beach attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church.

I began ministry here at Immaculate Conception in the early 1980's, when I was invited to serve with the Religious Education Program. Thereafter, I served as a Eucharist Minister, Homebound Minister, Sacristan. I've also ministered at Kahi Mohala. I've attended various spiritual retreats and attended many certification classes for Religious Education.

I presently serve as a catechist in the Baptism/R.C.I.A. ministry and attend the Centering Prayer on Tuesday nights here at our parish. All of the ministries and church experiences I have been involved in, was because someone invited me to help. I am thankful to God for letting me serve in this special place I come to praise and worship, Immaculate Conception, Ewa.

Kristofferson Angobung - RCIA

RCIA Team Member

Shawn Murata - RICA

RCIA Team Memeber

Hi, my name is Shawn Murata. I am part of the RCIA team here at our parish. I also work as an English teacher for the Department of Education. In my spare time, I love keeping saltwater fish, collecting rock merchandise, and listening to jazz and heavy metal.

Brittney Ann Hunter - RCIA

RCIA Team Member

ICC DRE - Director of Religious Education

I was born and raised here in Ewa among 8 siblings. I am the youngest of 9 children in my family. I have 5 children of my own. I was one of those who, after receiving all my sacraments, top going to church and only went for Easter and Christmas. I was going back and forth until I had my children and then they would ask me about our religion and I only had answers from what my parents had taught me.  so, I decided to go back to church fully and was still yet missing something in my life.  I stumbled on a class which you all know as RCIA because I was invited to attend it (when we had our interview with the late +Sr. Rose Anthony so we could baptize our youngest daughter) and I started getting involved with RCIA. I also got involved in Music Ministry (which I am still in). I was involved with RCIA until I was asked to see if I would be interested in being the CCD coordinator. At first, I was kind of reluctant but decided to give it a try. I haven't regretted it since. I love the children here at Immaculate as if they were my own. I have taught different grade levels throughout those years of teaching but felt more comfortable with the teenagers. So now I say, "Here I am Lord, lead me."

Wileen Biscaino - Office Aide

Office Aide for the CCD Program

My name is Wileen Biscaino,. I currently help as an Office Aide for the CCD Program. My family, which go back to my grandparents, are lifelong members of this parish. I've been in ministry here for over 30 years. Many years ago, I was involved with the choir when Phil Ladera was the director. At the same time, I served as a catechist and taught many different grade levels through the years, most especially the 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. I've served under many priests, such as: Fr. George Rozychi, Fr. George Caraballo, Fr. Bernard Eikmeier, Fr. Eli Carter, Fr. Frank Bourgeois, Fr. Mike Dalton and our current pastor, Fr. Nick Brown. I enjoy doing God's work and as long as I am able, I will be here to serve whenever the parish needs me.

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