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Bereavement Ministry/Funerals

Our Catholic funeral rites are intended to bring consolation to those

who are grieving, affirm our faith in Jesus Christ and his victory over sin and death, and express our Christian hope in eternal life. 


Priests, as teachers of the faith and ministers of comfort, preside at the funeral rites, especially the Mass. Keeping this in mind upon the death of a loved one we kindly ask that you contact the parish office at (808) 681-3701 before contacting the mortuary or funeral home.  This will help to ensure that our clergy and facilities will be available.

Our Bereavement Team Members

The following are members of our Parish Bereavement Team:

Music:  Larry Duclayan

              Lucy Bonifacio

              Rudy Flores.

Current Members: Nadine (Coordinator)

                                  Larry Woode


New members: Gaudelia Simbajon

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