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Our parish Mission Statement encourages us to be one with each other and with Christ

in the Father, so that the Holy Spirit may make Christ known to the world in us through

Word, Sacrament, Prayer and Service.


We believe and pray that the men in our Parish will want to serve our Parish family by

listening to the call from the Holy Spirit to the service of our Catholic Church by

becoming a priest or deacon. Both are a calling from our Triune God and are needed

for the life of our Church and Parish. There is no poor worker so humble that he might

not become a priest, nor no priest so obscure that he might not become a pope; our

priesthood is open to all who believe. St. Anselm said; "For I do not seek to understand

that I may believe, but I believe in order to understand." Jeremiah 29:11 says; "For I know the plans I  

have for you." declares the Lord."


We also have opportunities in our Parish to become a Deacon. A deacon is an

ordained minister in our Church and Parish; his ministry is that of service. The deacon

is empowered by our bishop to administer baptism, witness marriages, officiate at

wakes, funerals, and burial services, administer sacramentals, preside at prayer

services, distribute Holy Communion, proclaim the gospel, and deliver the homily.

The diaconate ministry is for the parish and outside the parish. There are many areas

of need for the deacon to perform many acts of charity.

Any questions about the priesthood or diaconate, please call Immaculate Conception Church office

and make an appointment with our Pastor.

Contact Immaculate Conception Church office

Blessings for your discernment about priesthood or diaconate.

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