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Ministries are the life blood of our Parish life that brings us together as a family. We

have many gifted people who come together and share their lives together with fellow

parishioners for the betterment of our Parish Family.

Sharing the mission of our Church in ministry groups enables us to spread the fruit of 

the Holy Spirit to our own families and our parish family.

We have five areas of ministry opportunities to share your time and talents in our Immaculate

Conception Family. Please select the ministry at Immaculate Conception that fits you!

Click Here to view a detailed description of the ministries

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The Administrative ministry group in our Parish ministries is a "hands on" group that forms and leads the direction of our Parish mission and goals.


The Liturgical ministry group provides a spiritual service to our Parish, and their service enhances the tradition, solemnity, and liturgy to the celebration of our Masses.


The Educational ministry group forms the minds, hearts and spirits of young people, adults and all those seeking an encounter with Jesus and our Catholic Church. These ministries are very important and set a strong foundation for future leaders of our Parish and Church.


The Service ministries of our Parish are filled with opportunities to become involved with servicing our Church. These ministries are strongly needed in order to provide service to our church,  those in need, and to make our Masses more vibrant, seasonal, and ensure the safety of our parishioners entering and exiting our Church.


The Social ministerial groups in our Parish are the spirit of our Parish Family. The Joy of the Lord brings strength and the Holy Spirit to our Parish life.

Please look at the ministries we have available and join one or more and become part of our family.

For information regarding any ministry, please call our office and they will direct the call to the ministry head. Thank you for saying "Yes" and beginning your journey to the Kingdom of God. 

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