When something is great we should want to be part of it. And, when we discover its greatness,

we should want to share it. That's how I feel about our parish of Immaculate Conception. . . It's a great place to

pray, a wonderful community to celebrate with, and a source of encouragement for everyone. That's 

why I want to thank those of you who are part of our vibrant faith community. I also want to

welcome visitors and those who may have been away from us for whatever reason. There's a place 

for every one of you in our parish.  So, welcome or welcome back!

     One way that I personally try to stay connected, with many of you, is through my daily scripture

reflections. I use the free media app called: myParish app that you can obtain either through Google

Play or Apple i-Tunes. . . and it's free. Try connecting and you'll be connected to the Word of God. . . it's absolutely free and the only obligation is that you be open to God's Word touching your life. 

     If you are new to our parish, or are searching for a great Catholic community, I'd like to 

encourage you to join us by registering On-line or by filling out a registration form that's available at

the church entrance. Also, please free to contact me directly at 808-380-9370, if there is anything 

that I might be able to do for you. I look forward to meeting and praying with each of you. Immaculate

Conception parish is  a great meeting place for Catholics who want to live the Gospel, share the joy of knowing

Jesus, and desire to join others in proclaiming Gods goodness to others. 


                                                                                             Fr. Nick

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