Purpose:  To wash and iron all altar linens that are used during all of our Masses.

When: After the completion of week-end Masses.

Where: From the Church Sacristy. 

Time Invested: Each person is given a month, and each weekend in that month the linens need to be cleaned.

Training: The only training is how to fold the Linens. 

Skill Required: How to wash and neatly iron.

Contact: Immaculate Conception Church Office 808-3701. 


Purpose:  Liturgical environment is the character of the liturgical space and, therefore,

demands quality and appropriateness within a sacred setting throuhout the liturgical

year - Ordinary Times, High Feasts, e.g., Immaculate Conception Feast Day, Pentecost, and the Seasons of Easter and Christmas.

When: Saturday Mornings at 9 am.

Where: The Church. 

Time Invested: Saturday mornings approximately 2 hours or more, depending on parish events.

Training: Mentoring and on-the-job training. 

Skill Required: Organizational skills; expect the unexpected.

Contact: Immaculate Conception  Church Office 808-3701. 


Purpose:  To clean our church before each weekend.

When: On Saturday mornings from 7 am to 10 am.

Where: The Church. 

Time Invested: Various jobs, approximately 2 1/2 hours.

Training: Mentoring and on-the-job training. 

Skill Required: A joyful heart, working together to clean God's house.

Contact: Immaculate Conception Church Office 808-3701. 


Purpose:  To promote the use of our time, talent and treasure for the good of our Parish

family in order to complete our mission: "declare our firm loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ, our Roman Catholic Church, and to the Diocesan Bishop of Honolulu.  Our strength is in our unity as a Christian Family of Faith, and we inspire to reach out to everyone with the embrace of Christ."

Contact: Immaculate Conception Church Office 808-3701. 


Purpose:  To utilize parking spaces at all Masses.

When: At all the week-end Masses.

Where:  The Church Parking Lot. 

Time Invested: Various depending on the number of vehicles utilizing the parking lot.

Training: Mentoring and on-the-job training. 

Skill Required: Must be patient and kind. Must be aware of drivers dropping off and picking up parishioners with disabilities, parishioners requiring handicap parking, observe fire lanes and restricted parking in no-parking areas.

Contact: Immaculate Conception Church Office 808-3701. 


Purpose:  To visit and bring Holy Communion to people who are too frail to attend

Mass; to maintain ties with our Parish Community.

When: Flexible, mutually agreed-upon time to be arranged with the home-bound and the caregivers.

Where: In private homes or care facilities where the home-bound lives. 

Time Invested: One-half to one hour per week per home-bound parishioner.

Training: Individualized and/or group training will be provided. 

Skill Required: Good people and communication skill.

Contact: Immaculate Conception Office 808-3701. 


Purpose:  To provide assistance to families during this sad time.

When:  Prior to contacting the Funeral Home or Mortuary. We ask that you contact the Parish office to check the availability of  the church and clergy.

Where: If there are Services held at Immaculate Conception Church.

Contact: Immaculate Conception Church Office 808-681-3701. 

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