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Purpose:  Greeters are needed as a service of hospitality and welcoming to all people.

When: At the start of all Masses: 5 pm on Saturday; and 7, 9:30 and 5 pm on Sunday.

Where: Greeters are needed at the front door of Church, handing out bulletins after the mass. 

Time Invested: Arrive 1/2 hour before Mass and stay until Mass starts.

Requirements: Smile.

Skill Required: Smile and have the love of our faith with a desire to pass it on.

Contact: Immaculate Conception Church Office 808-681-3701. 


Purpose:  The Social Activities committee is responsible for planning parish wide social events. Some of these events are used a fundraisers to implement the cost of the Religious Education Catechists to attend the Los Angeles Congress in Anaheim, CA, while all serve as Parish community building events.  At the present time, the committee oversees 2 parish wide events. The Parish Labor Day Picnic and the Halloween Fun Day. The only requirements needed to serve on this committee is an enjoyment in planning social events and working with a tremendous group of people.

We welcome everyone to join our committee.

Contact: Immaculate Conception Church Office 808-681-3701. 

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