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Comprehensive Youth Ministry

In alignment with our Diocese of Honolulu's Original Order, any youth in Grades 6-12 that have already received their Sacrament of Confirmation can further their Catholic education through Comprehensive Youth Ministry which, for our Immaculate Conception Parish, is known as the Couples for Christ-Youth Ministry. With that being said, our ministry would like to invite all youth in Grades 6-12 to join us EVERY FRIDAY (unless notified) from 6-9 p.m. at Immaculate Conception Church's Parish Hall.

The Couples for Christ-Youth Ministry is a family ministry under the worldwide religious organization "Couples for Christ." As a CFC-Youth member, you interact with the other ministries, further your education through teachings and services, and partake in fellowship, praise and worship.

For further information, questions, concerns, please feel free to contact our Couples for Christ-Youth coordinators or Ministry Heads using the information below. We look forward to building our community with all of you!

Our CFC-Youth Ministry Registration Form can be found and submitted at the link:

CFC-Youth Ministry Coordinators:    CFC-Youth Ministry Heads:     Email:

Ed Crisostomo                                         Russel Alegre                              Twitter/Instagram: @cfcyhawaii

Email:          Email:

Phone: (808) 216-2928                                                                                    Youtube:


Maila Crisostomo                                    Shaina Willing                             

Email:         Email:

Phone: (808) 388-4813                                                                                                                        

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