Ministry Contacts

Mrs. Sherrie Alcos & Mr Archie Agcamaran

Altar Servers Co-cordinator

Pio & Leda Barbieto

Cursillo Co-cordinators

Wanda Bega

Baptism & RCIA Co-Cordinator

Mrs. Lowena Nagamine

Baptism & RCIA Co-Cordinator

Mr. Eddie & Mrs Maila Crisostomo

Youth Ministry Co-ordinator

Mrs. Cecilia Daquioag

Eucharistic Minister Coordinator

Inoni Dimaya

Homebound Ministry

Mr. Larry & Mrs. Clarissa Duclayan

Music Ministry Co-ordinators

Susan Duffy

Respect Life Ministry

Mr. Michael Esquibil

Stewardship Chairperson

Mrs. Catalina Gealon

San Miguel Society Co-ordinator

Mr. Rico & Mrs. Vinya Manianglung

Couples for Christ Co-ordinators

Mrs. Norma Montero

Sacred Heart Society Co-ordinator

Mr. Jonathan Ocampo

Children's Liturgy Coordinator

Mrs. Ceclia Pantohan

Ministry of Hospitality Co-ordinator

Ms. Charlene Richardson

Ministers of Readers/Lector Co-ordinator

Mr RJ Juanillo

Knights of Columbus

Mrs. Shirley Sunio

Director of Religious Education

Mr. Larry & Mrs. Nadine Woode

Bereavement Ministry Co-ordinators

Dami Espiritu

Finance Chairperson

Mr Mark & Mrs Maricel Sebastian

Singles for Christ (SFC) Ministry

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