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Our  Present  

Today, Immaculate Conception Church is a thriving parish that continues to grow.  This incredible growth is evident to anyone attending a Sunday mass - where so many attend that we have parishioners standing in the winds, sitting on folding chairs, and worshiping outside.

There are only 263 seats in the nave and a typical Sunday 9:30 mass has an attendance of over 400 people.  

Under the leadership of Fr. Nick Brown, our parish is engaged and active. More than 1,200 people attend one of our masses each week, with almost 600 families regularly donating to the church.  Countless volunteers, students, and community members give their time to the church and participate in our ministries and fellowship. By all measures, this is an exciting time to be a member of our parish.

Our current footprint consists of the church, the rectory, the parish hall, four classrooms, and religious education offices.

Our  Future

We all see that Ewa is growing and changing. With new housing developments springing up all around us and Kapolei becoming a "second city" to Honolulu, census data projects that our population will more than double in the next twenty years. This population boom will bring an influx of Catholics to the area and it will create an opportunity to invite new people to join our parish. Based on current projections, we will need a worship space that seats over 1,000 people by 2035-2037.

In order to accommodate this staggering growth, our facilities must grow.  While our quick fixes and minor structural improvements have served us well over the years, there is simply no more room to expand. We need to build a new church.

Our  Plan

Our plan is to build a new worship facility that will be able to seat over 1000 parishioners.  This new space will allow us to better serve our current parishioners in accordance with church requirements and it will allow us to welcome new people into our parish. This new space will help us spread the gospel in a more effective, dynamic way.

Our new church will require a larger parcel of land at a different, nearby location. We have received approval from the Catholic Diocese of Honolulu and we are now exploring possible building sites.  The new site must be large enough to accommodate the new church as well as the parish center and 400 parking spaces.

This project will be completed in phases. Initially, a church will be constructed at the new site and liturgical services will be held at the new location, while the current rectory, classrooms, parish hall, and religious education offices on Renton Road will remain in use. Once the church is completed, these other structures will be built at the new location.

Your Role

As we embark upon this new chapter in our parish's history, we are already began a planning study to explore how we can best use our resources to grown our parish. 

We have solicited your insights as a valued member of our parish.  You have played a key role in our church's growth and we have heard from you. The findings can be found by clicking here.

If you would like to help our parish with a financial donation. You may do so via our eGiving (  You may give a One-Time Gift by clicking on the One-Time Gift button below. Mahalo for your generous support.  Please make a note for Building Fund.

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